Amazon lowers its Kindle by € 20: for only € 69 you can have an e-book reader

As far as e-book readers are concerned, Amazon has a lot to say, and that is that its Kindle has become over the past decade reference readers, both in terms of performance and price. Although there is competition, few brands can compete from you to you with devices that have already very adjusted prices, much more if they are also on sale.

Today, Amazon has decided to throw the house through the window and add € 20 discount to the price of its Kindle, which remains from € 69, the price of the basic Kindle with integrated front light, without doubt, the best market reader for value for money.

It is not the only Kindle that Amazon has on offer today. There is also the Paperwhite for € 109 in its most affordable version, which includes special offers on the screen, a kind of advertising that shows reading suggestions and accessories when you lock the device.

They are the two models that have been chosen for this offer, although the discount applies to versions with different storage and with options such as the aforementioned special offers. You can choose on your product page which one you want since they all have those 20 euros discount.

How could it be otherwise, shipping is free to anywhere in Spain. So it is in all products shipped by Amazon (those that leave directly from its warehouse) and that cost more than € 29.

However, if you are in a hurry, what you should do is sign up for the free trial month of Amazon Prime, which will get you home in less than 24 business hours. If you are also a student, that month goes up to 90 days of a free trial.
Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite, which one suits you best?

The specifications of both models are quite similar in terms of battery life and other aspects. They even look very much aesthetically, although the Paperwhite is somewhat lighter.

Now that the basic Kindle also has integrated light, this model has won many integers, the main difference being the water-resistance that only the Paperwhite has and that can be differential if you are going to use it on the beach or the pool.

Also, the most advanced model has some more resolution on its screen, although this is barely noticeable during reading.
If you had not installed the latest update of Windows 10, as it is something manual you do not have to do it until the fixes of the patch of this Tuesday are delivered.

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