Apple could be working on its first iPhone with a flexible display

Mobile phones with flexible screens have come to stay and have been very successful among users. Hence the most important technology companies are working on their flexible model, among which Apple stands out for its latest and incessant patents on its iPhone with the folding panel.

We have new clues, as the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company of the bitten apple a patent under the title of ‘Cover and folding screen for an electronic device’.  It reveals Apple’s plans to launch a revolutionary folding iPhone that could be folded through several sites and look like the  Galaxy Fold.

Those of Cupertino have been developing ideas about how this device would have been for some time, in their latest patent they made us know their appearance and a new mechanism. The images that accompany the record reveal that it could be folded in two or three ways without the folds having to be the same size.

2020 has already been crowned as the year of mobile phones with folding screens thanks to the latest releases such as the Galaxy Z flip, Motorola Razr 2020 or the Huawei Mate Xs. Many other big companies like Xiaomi are already working on their first smartphone with a flexible panel. It is not the first time that Apple’s plans have come to light, several patents have already been known where those of Cupertino have revealed the possible arrival of an iPhone with these characteristics.
As we can see in the previous image, the patent shows a device capable of bending from even three different points, although its natural position would be folded in half in book format.

As for the materials, the flexible panel would be made of glass or sapphire. The company is evaluating the use of sensors to disable the area of ​​the screen that is not going to be used, while it is bent from several points.
Not all patents come to see the light, so we do not know if Apple will finally make a folding iPhone official. They have not given dates on when this device could arrive but the rumors suggest that it could be in the next year. 2020 will star in its four iPhone 12 and the expected cheap iPhone.

The fingerprint reader remains in the back, being the last highlight of this design until we know the internal details. The presentation is expected to be between May 12 and 14 with the celebration of Google I / O 2020. Although this event has been canceled as a precaution against the coronavirus, it will be broadcast online following the planned schedule of presentations.

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