Best Coding Careers In 2020 For The Beginners

Best Coding Careers In 2020 For The Beginners

Here’s what about technology: it’s not as complicated as it sounds if you are a creative person or solve problems by nature. If you like to find and correct a dilemma or obstacle, then probably your dream is a career as a programmer. Or, if you are able to create a digital work that is unique and attractive, a creative technical career may be for you. And the best thing about both? Most technical careers can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

If you want to create amazing websites for companies or customers, develop great graphics that customers will never forget, or sell your favorite product or service, you can perform these tasks remotely using only your device and a decent Internet connection. So you don’t need to move to San Francisco for an amazing technology career.

Check out the descriptions below to get detailed information on the current job openings, average wages, and actual job openings (as well as Skillcrush courses that will teach you the necessary skills) for these 10 amazing technology-oriented professions – which you can do where you are best!


Task: front-end developers write code for parts of the website that you can see, that is, text, buttons, animated icons, and other elements. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, front-end developers create code that controls the appearance and functioning of the website.

  1. Salary: $ 100,000 per year
  2. Skills: Skillcrush Front-End Developer Course
  3. Remote positions open now:
  4. Front-End Developer, Future Holidays
    Frontend Developer, Yoko Co


Work: Web developers write code that provides the interface and back-end (what you don’t see) of websites and web applications. They are full-stack engineers who use front-end tools plus background programming languages ​​such as Ruby, Python, and PHP to do their job.

  • Salary: $ 71,000 per year
  • Skills: Skillcrush Web Developer Course
  • Remote positions open now:
  • Web Developer, Ballotpedia
    Full-Stack Developer, CloudApp


Work: JavaScript developers write code that functions as the logic of the website’s front end. JavaScript developers often specialize in specific libraries or infrastructures, such as React.js, that make websites responsive in real time.

  1. Salary: $ 111,000 per year
  2. Remote positions open now:
  3. Full Stack Reactor, Brushfire
    JavaScript Developer, Medicus AI
Best Coding Careers In 2020 For The Beginners
Best Coding Careers In 2020 For The Beginners


Work: WordPress developers write site code using the world’s most popular content management system: of course, WordPress! Tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes use WordPress to support their websites, which makes WordPress development a particularly interesting area for freelancers and full-time employees.

  • Salary: $ 82,000 a year
  • Skills: Skillcrush WordPress Developer Course
  • Remote positions open now:
  • WordPress Developer, rtCamp
    WordPress Remote Developer, coolblueweb


Work: Python developers are some of the most sought after technology professionals in the world today. They create web applications and create data visualization for areas such as research, big data, machine learning, and finance.

  • Salary: $ 110,000 per year
  • Skills: Skillcrush Python course for web applications and data

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