Five essential (and cheap) accessories for your Raspberry Pi

With the small Raspberry Pi computer, you can make all kinds of personal projects that need a computer, such as creating your own NAS file server or developing your router to filter internet traffic. The possibilities are endless.
But when you buy a cheap Raspberry Pi such as 4GB of RAM  for € 63, you face a list of accessories you need to get started.

Although many of the accessories you need will already have them, such as a mobile wall charger, micro USB cable, HDMI cable for the monitor and a keyboard and mouse that can be connected via USB or Bluetooth, there are other accessories that you should consider.

These are some of the best accessories that you should buy from a Raspberry Pi as soon as you have it in your hands, to start creating a project.

Box for Raspberry Pi Model B

Although a Raspberry Pi can work perfectly as is, if you use a plastic box you save the suffering of seeing it exposed and that it can be damaged by a blow. That’s why the boxes for Raspberry Pi are one of the basic accessories you should get.
This box for Raspberry Pi Model B + from GEeekPi is perfect and only costs € 10. It closes fitting and has two heat sinks and a small fan.

The fan can operate in two functions, in a faster and louder mode but that expels all the heat generated by its processor. Or in silent mode that is slower, but nothing sounds.
It is designed so that all positions are visible but not so much dust enters and still maintains airflow to dissipate heat.

128GB microSD card

To start with your new Raspberry Pi you need a microSD card where the operating system is hosted. To do this you can get a SanDisk microSD card that is on sale for only € 18.99.
With a capacity of 128GB, it is more than enough to store any compatible operating system.

This card reaches transfer speeds of up to 100 MB / s. Being a UHS-I A1 card, it is fully compatible with Raspberry boards, so you will not have any problems running the software.

Screen for Raspberry Pi

Whatever you want to do with a Raspberry Pi you will need a monitor at some time to adjust some features of the software or just to see something. For example, you can use a Raspberry Pi as an information point with a touch screen.

This Longruner touch screen has a size of 7 inches and is perfect to put it just below a Raspberry Pi. Now you can get it for € 52  on Amazon with free shipping to your home.

It includes basic support to mount it on some surface, but you can also get a bevel with legs to get a certain angle.
The screen has a size of 7 inches and has an LCD panel with a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels. You only need to connect it with an HDMI cable that already includes one of the micro USB ports that the board includes.

Logitech K400 Plus trackpad keyboard

If you want to use a Raspberry Pi as a simple computer or as a multimedia center you will need one of these wireless keyboards with which to control the operating system. Among all the options we recommend a  Logitech K400 Plus that now costs € 27.

This Logitech K400 Plus includes a full keyboard and a trackpad to move around the operating system without having to have another device like a separate mouse.
It is perfect for a Raspberry Pi since you can choose how to use it, either through a wireless USB adapter or using Bluetooth technology.

Its battery lasts up to 18 months of use without changing them. It also includes multimedia and Smart TV control keys that are compatible with some versions of Linux for Raspberry.

Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT

If you are looking for a way to add more modules to a Raspberry Pi you can do it with its pins to add accessories. One of the most interesting is this Adafruit GPS top plate.
As the name implies, it is a GPS plate that adds very precise geolocation to your Raspberry Pi and now you can buy it for € 59.95 at Amazon.

This sensor is especially important when what you want to create is a robot or a project that you are going to use outdoors, because that way you can keep it located at all times, for example, if you launch a hot air balloon.
This GPS board requires two things: a CR1220 type battery, an SMA adapter cable to uFL / u.FL / IPX / IPEX like this € 8 and finally an antenna like this that only costs € 7  and has an SMA connector.

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