How Beginners Can Select The Best Niche Topic For Their Blog

When you choose a niche for your blog, you want to choose a topic that you can write about weekly or even daily for the following years. This means that a very narrow niche such as “Marvel Avengers iPhone Cases” probably won’t work well in the long run.

This may be great at first because you don’t compete with a large number of sellers, but it will probably be difficult for you to find enough inspiration for designers, buyers, and you may even get tired of just creating the same types of designs for several months (and years ) to come.

How To Choose An Avengers Niche Blog Example

With a subject such as this example, you better expand your blog niche to include “iPhone cases and TV-related films”. In this broader niche, you can still include all the Marvel cases you need, but you. ”You also give yourself permission to expand to many other closely related names.

Of course, it is definitely possible to go too broadly with a blog niche. According to recent blog statistics, by the end of 2020, approximately 31.7 million bloggers will be rated. This makes choosing a pure blog niche more important than ever.

This means that if your blog covers a huge topic, such as “health” or “business,” then you will really struggle to create a targeted audience and find your own readers.

Instead, you want to narrow down to something much more focused – perhaps instead of “health”, you can choose a niche for your blog, for example, “live with diabetes” or “lose weight through nutrition”.

Instead of “business” as a broad topic, you could focus your blog niche specifically on “creating a side business” or “how to make money on the Internet,” where your content may have more clearly defined security fences that will keep you in aware of what you are doing. The audience will be expecting.

Now that we have an idea of ​​how to choose a niche for a blog without becoming too narrow or too wide, let’s think about some ideas.

How to Think Ideas For Your Blog Niche

Some bloggers know what they want to write right away. They want to create a blog based on passion, or one that is connected with an existing business.

  1. Choosing a Niche Blog Examples of Brainstorming Ideas
  2. Other brand new bloggers have no idea yet (and that’s fine)!
  3. They are still learning what a blog really is, and all they know is that they want to write something on a blog.
  4. If this sounds like you, or if you already have a niche or two in mind – but want more features, here are some great ways to brainstorm niche blog ideas.

1. Write down a list of all the things that interest you

What do you like to do or say? Write down everything that interests you the most, regardless of whether you think this will be a good niche for your blog. We are just thinking about all the possibilities at this stage.

It’s good if some of your niche ideas seem very general and others seem more specific. No ideas bad ideas at this stage.

Your list might look something like this:

  • Small business
  • Game of Thrones
  • Golf
  • Trekking
  • Travel (especially in Europe)
  • Quentin Tarantino Movies

By looking at your list, you will probably find that some of your ideas will make a better blog niche than others.

You can even find one potential niche for a blog that is especially suited to you – put a star next to it, which you can return to soon. Note: if you’re ready to start generating content ideas and start writing, check out this list of 201+ best blog ideas you can write about today.

How Beginners Can Select The Best Niche Topic For Their Blog
How Beginners Can Select The Best Niche Topic For Their Blog.

2. Think of blogs, magazines, and books you read

What blogs are you eagerly reading? What magazines do you subscribe to? What about the (non-fiction) books you recently read?

You may have a wide range of different interests, or you may find that all of your reading is focused on one common area (that is, “personal development”), which can help you navigate to a specific blog niche in order to focus your brainstorming.

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