How To Check The Tags Of Any YouTube Videos For Free

I’m sure you’re analyzing what your competitors are doing with their YouTube videos. But one thing you can’t easily see is what tags other people use in their highly rated YouTube videos.

The tags will help viewers discover your video and help you find it on YouTube. Descriptive tags are hidden from viewers, but this is how you can see which tags any YouTube video uses.

How We Can Analyse The Tags Of Any YouTube Video

The vidIQ Vision extension allows you to view channel tags, video tags and other YouTube video information. You can sign up for a free account, although the Pro and Boost plans grant you even more privileges.

This is what it looks like when you watch a video with the extension activated. The video and channel tags for YouTube videos appear above the Suggested Videos column on the right side of the page.

How To Check The Tags Of Any YouTube Videos For Free

Screenshot of the YouTube video view with the vidIQ Vision extension enabled. So, now that you watch your competitor’s video tags on YouTube, how can you use this information effectively?

Analyze & Do Not Copy Directly

Remember that the idea is not to literally describe the name, description and labels of your competitor. What you should be looking for are templates among the best rated videos for a particular search phrase.

If all the best rated videos have certain tags that are used by each of them, it would be good to use the videos you are trying to rate.

Postscript Here is another tip: be sure to use your brand as a tag in every video posted. This tool Will Help You o Check The tags & Make The Column in Sidebar When You Watch YouTube Video With The Details & Tags. By having a unique common tag (your brand name), you increase your chances of having more than your own videos in this column of recommended videos.

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