How To Do The Freelancing In 2020 As a Beginner Level

How To Do The Freelancing In 2020 As a Beginner Level

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1. Choose An Niche For Doing Work In Field

If you are new to freelance, you may feel that you are ready to take on ANY paid job that you can take in your own hands. But as you delve deeper into a freelance career, you will need to be more strategic about the types of work you do and the clients you take on.

In my opinion, the long-standing debate about whether you should be a specialist or a generalist when you start your freelance career, you should not even think twice. If you were your client, and you needed someone to fix your email marketing, so that people really register, write ads that convince people to buy, or just update your outdated website, you would rather hire someone, who is a jack of all trades, or who is a professional who does one thing and does it well? I will choose a specialist every time.

And when it comes to my own experience, choosing the specialization as a content marketing consultant rather than a regular digital hired marketer was the only best decision I made in my freelance business. Since over the past few years I have gained a reputation as a talented content marketer and often work with content marketing on various social networks, I was able to relatively quickly rise to the top of my niche. time. This is one of my favorite findings from the article “Becoming a Successful Freelancer” in Creative Live.

Tips to make more money on freelance

In addition to my blog and existing customer requests, the next most consistent source of new customers was business owners who sought specific expert help on both Google and social networks, such as the one on Twitter above.

So, to extend this example to other areas, imagine that you are just starting out as a web developer – you may find yourself in a niche such as porting blogs to WordPress. This means that when someone searches for “help with blog posting in WordPress,” they can find you.

If you choose the right niche, the decision to specialize and make some efforts in order to advertise yourself as an expert in your niche can really pay off for many years.

2. Get a clear view of your services

One of the important decisions that you need to make in the early stages of your freelancer career is what you do and what you don’t.

This will not only help you create your own brand, but also allow you to control how potential customers perceive you, and give you the opportunity to continue to build your portfolio in the direction in which you want to move.

If you want to focus on becoming a sought-after, high-paying Ruby on Rails developer, you shouldn’t even consider contract offers to customize WordPress themes or design a user interface for a future application. Although the short-term benefits of sustainable work are attractive (and sometimes necessary), the implementation of projects that do not bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

How To Do The Freelancing In 2020 As a Beginner Level
How To Do The Freelancing In 2020 As a Beginner Level.

3. Determine what your ideal client looks like

Before you start looking for customers, you need to have a clear idea of ​​who you work best with. Do you want to create websites for small business owners, participate in the development of new features for fast-growing technology startups, or enter into long-term contracts with corporate-sized companies? Making clear distinctions between who and what type of business you are targeting will be important for the effective provision of your services.

To determine exactly who your ideal freelance clients should be (and how to start finding them), ask yourself the following questions:

What type of business has problems that I solve with my services?

Can the business I want to work with let me hire me? What demographic trends can I identify in decision makers, in those types of businesses that I focus on? Think about: age, gender, geographic location, the sites they often visit, and their personal interests.

Since I know that I will be more active and most effective in working with small start-up teams that work on projects with which I am personally connected, I selected a narrowing of the circle of potential clients in advance.

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