How To Make More Money Online From Tech Niche

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Let’s say a simple static web site usually takes two weeks to develop. You get a customer who wants to do this within four days. You know you can do this, but it will mean working late at night and possibly pushing back some other projects. You must absolutely charge extra for this project!

Depending on how hard it is or how inconvenient it will be for you, you can take from 25% -50% more. In some cases, you can even double your board! It all depends on the value that you provide to your customer.


Whenever you start a project, you should send an assessment to your client and ask him to sign it. I already talked about how important it is to stop charging for an hour, which means that accurate estimates are even more important.

If you underestimate how much effort and effort you will spend on a project, you will leave money on the table. In fact, you should probably add a bit of buffer to any evaluation you submit, because everything inevitably takes longer or requires more effort than you expect. It’s better to send the client a final bill that is lower than he expected than send the one that is higher (or in the end you weren’t paid for the work)

3. Make sure you bill correctly

It may be too easy to rush to collect an invoice and send it to your client. Or postpone billing and other accounting tasks in favor of more “fun” work. But there are huge benefits to sending accurate bills quickly. First of all, the faster your client receives an invoice, the faster he will pay (I hope). If you take three weeks to send an invoice for the work done, your lack of enthusiasm for payment will be passed on to your client.

Accurate billing is also important. You must be sure that you bill for exactly your time and investment in the project, as well as for any expenses incurred (do not forget to bill for such things as domain names, hosting costs, etc.). Sending a second invoice with additional costs because you “forgot” about them for the first time is very unprofessional.


I am not saying that you should outsource design and development (although this is a good idea for large projects where some help would be useful). But there are many administrative tasks that you can outsource without any impact on your core business — such as bookkeeping, billing, research, and even managing social networks.

And it makes sense financially. Let’s say you pay $ 60 / hour for a static website design. If you pay someone else $ 15 / hour to manage your billing, or do any research that you need, then you free up the same hours to do the work for which you can bill. This means that your network still costs $ 45 over this watch!


If you transfer part of your work to subcontractors, be aware that there are others who do the same. Finding a consultant, designer, developer, or other freelancer to work on specific projects can be a great way to get things done when things go slowly.

How To Make More Money Online From Tech Niche
How To Make More Money Online From Tech Niche.

Now, sometimes what you do as a subcontractor is not the most “fun” part of the project. But they can also pay well, and lead to re-business. And if you balance your own projects, it can lead to a very successful and less stressful career as a freelancer.


There are all kinds of things you can automate to make them faster and more efficient. Billing is one thing. There are billing applications that take care of sending an invoice, accepting payments, sending subsequent notifications if the invoice was not paid on time, and processing recurring invoices.

Social networks are another place you can automate. Using an application such as Buffer to automatically queue and send social updates at the optimal time greatly simplifies the management of presence on social networks.

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