Interesting Blog Post Ideas For Blog Owners In 2020

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Blog Ideas For Digital Marketing

Assalam o Alaikum to All Visitors to My Blog. Today I bring another new blog topic related to digital marketing and blog ideas for daily blog updates. Also in this post I will share many things related to the title of our blog in accordance with my personal blogging experience.

If you’ve ever been stuck on a blog, you are not alone. It’s hard to come up with weekly blog ideas, especially if you have a small team. We all bumped into this brick wall of content and thought: “We just have nothing to write about.”

At Digital Marketer, we face the same struggle. Publishing content is our business, but that doesn’t mean that from time to time we don’t sit down and think what now?

Therefore, in order to keep this as rare as possible, we have created the final list of blog post ideas. You can read the info Graphic below or read on to get more detailed explanations and examples of many of these ideas.

We grouped ideas based on 8 goals on a blog. Thus, you write posts that best suit your needs, and not just write posts.

  • Useful posts
  • Generous posts
  • Entertaining posts
  • Timely Messages
  • Human messages
  • Promotional Messages
  • Controversial Messages
  • Attracting Messages

Here’s a complete list of blog post ideas, so you’ll never again meet the blog authors block.

The ultimate list of blog post ideas

Digital Marketer’s blog receives a ton of traffic when we publish articles as a list of book recommendations. So guess what we keep publishing? You guessed it. Here is one of the recommendations of our book.
How to write a message

How-To Post is another basic blog post idea. This post describes how to complete the process and uses images, video or audio to enrich the post and make it as simple as possible for your visitor.

An example of a how-to publication is our blog post, How to Create Facebook Ads as a Professional (… When You Are Truly Amateur).

Case study report in your content

Using a “case study” in the title makes your article sound as if it has more value than a regular blog post. Case studies carry weight; You know that you will learn something from a post about a specific study, because they always open the hood to what we are interested in learning more about. Direct experience makes these posts very juicy.

The publications on specific examples describe in detail and unpack detailed information about the project, event or process, and also show how this happened.

Interesting Blog Post Ideas For Blog Owners In 2020
Interesting Blog Post Ideas For Blog Owners In 2020.

Identify a problem and submit a solution

You will begin to notice that many Digital Marketer blogs post problems / solutions because it is our business. Our goal is to help marketers solve their problems, so, naturally, we write many posts based on solutions. If you attended the Traffic and Conversion Summit in 2019, you will realize that one of the biggest problems our visitors face when they leave is that they have too much information in their heads. To help combat this T&C symptom, we wrote a blog post that showed participants what to do in order to organize themselves and begin to carry out all the hot tips they received at the summit.

FAQ Posts Articles

If you get regular questions from customers or potential customers, there is a high probability that they enter the same questions into Google and other search engines. You can also use online tools to find out what problems your customers are having.

For example, we are big fans of using Quora to figure out what content to create. Then you simply create content on these topics.

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