Microsoft shows for the first time the new design of the Windows 10 start menu

Much has changed since the Windows of the vivid colors and, now, Microsoft is putting a lot of interest in that Windows 10 has a customizable aesthetic, but also elegant. Therefore, certain aspects of the interface will change, and for the first time, they have shown the new Windows 10 start menu.

The color palette, the organization, and the design of the icons is something that, although we may not give it importance, is vital for visual comfort and system perception. It is something that Apple has always taken great care and in which Microsoft and Google have also put the batteries in recent years.

Windows 10 is the culmination of what has been learned with Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, a system that is finally elegant, functional, fast and very stable ( when they do not screw up with updates, of course), and now it will be a bit more “serious” thanks to the new start menu.

What you can see in the image above is what they are testing for the new Windows 10 start menu. Yes, they have not rounded edges or changed the design of the icons: they have simply put a translucent flat background to the Live Tiles of the start menu.
The Live Tiles, the dynamic icons of the Windows 10 start menu, were announced in hype and saucer as an evolution of what was seen in Windows 8 and, especially, in Windows Phone.

A good idea that, however, has not finished curdling.
Developers do not pay much attention to this option and Microsoft itself has applications that do not support the feature. As we read in The Verge, they will not disappear, at the moment, but that background is eliminated, which, according to Microsoft, is “chaotic and colorful to bet on something more uniform.”

It is an idea that they are exploring and that we do not know when it will arrive, but the truth is that many of you will already want to eliminate the background of the squares of applications and icons from the Windows 10 start menu.

We will see if with any of the two major updates of Windows 10 of 2020 we have an aesthetic change like this … or if they focus on renewing practical rather than aesthetic elements.
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