Panasonic bets on OLED TVs that adapt to ambient light and noise-canceling headphones

Panasonic has chosen an Olympic environment such as the Spanish Olympic Committee building to show all its novelties this year. From kitchen appliances, to sound equipment, photography and one of its most prominent products, televisions.
Before showing us all of its new range of OLED and 4K LED TVs, Mirko Scaletti, General Director of Panasonic Iberia recalled that the brand is an official sponsor of the 2020 Olympic Games that will take place in a few months in Tokyo and where the company has already 8K panels installed for the retransmission of sporting events.

We will not see that quality in stores, Panasonic has made it very clear that it still does not intend to launch any television with these characteristics since they consider that it is still too early for the consumer to enjoy it.

” There are still not enough content in 8K to be worth it .” Also, insist the technology and standards may change in the coming years leaving obsolete screens that are now sold with this technology.
They prefer to focus on OLED TVs and enhance the quality of images and sound. Within this new high-end range for 2020, the HZ2000 TV stands out its new flagship with  4K UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels).

The new Panasonic OLEDs, the HZ2000, HZ1500 and HZ1000

These three panels exclusively integrate the Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing technology. On the one hand, the Filmmaker Mode is a mode developed by the UDF Alliance that allows users to enjoy the content as creators have conceived. However, since users are going to consume the contents in their halls and not in movie theaters, Intelligent Sensing technology has been incorporated that adapts the image according to the ambient scene in which the TV is located.

We have attended a demonstration in which one could perceive how the intensity of the brightness of the screen and the details of the image were modified according to the room’s ambient light varied. The effect is perceived instantly, making the images displayed on the screen more realistic.
The Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing is exclusive to Panasonic and supports content in HDR10 +, HDR10, HLD, and SDR. Also, they equip the intelligent processor HCX PRO, the most powerful of the brand.

As for the sound, the HZ2000 and HZ1500 models are equipped with the Soundscape Pro 360º audio system, which offers integrated speakers and directed towards the ceiling with Dolby Atmos to offer the most immersive experience, as well as a subwoofer in the center of the screen. In the case of the HZ2000, we have an audio output of 140W, while in the HZ1500 it is 80W.

Panasonic wants its televisions have also been attractive to video game enthusiasts. The input lag of these monitors is 21,000 milliseconds. Also, he is aware of the concern that OLED panels arouse for their ease of burning.

So that the image is not printed on the screen because of continued use, they explain that the TVs once turned off, have a screen erase system. This is activated every day or from time to time, to keep the TV and its quality in good condition.

The 4K LCD range is also renewed

HX940, HX900 and HX800 models will also arrive in the coming months. Three ranges of TVs compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR10 +, Dolby Atmos and improvements in image quality as a better backlight system and a faster refresh rate.

Remember that all these new models will be launched in a staggered manner with the new operating system,  My Home Screen 5.0, which will not be available for other years’ models. This is the latest version whose main novelty is a new row of icons above the initial menu that offers recommended information and content.
All televisions will be arriving separately to stores from March, the one that will be most requested is the HZ2000 that will not be available until June.

New Panasonic True Wireless headphones

We finished with Panasonic televisions and we talked about other news that has presented this morning their new True Wireless, S500W and S300W headphones. Both models will reach the market in the coming months, although only the S500W have Dual Hybrid Noise Canceling technology, isolating the user from outside.

We have been able to test them and although their design may seem somewhat large, they are very light and comfortable in the ear. Also, it does not come alone, Technics, a Panasonic collaborator, has wanted to present its new True Wireless AZ70W headphones with Dual Hybrid Noise Canceling technology. The three models will be launched in May, although we still don’t know their prices.

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