Some Best Niches To Start Blogging In 2020 For Beginners

Over the past decade, blogging has become one of the most popular activities, and authors from around the world publish millions of posts daily. The reason is quite simple – it does not require a large investment, and you can do it anywhere.

Dozens of studies have already proven the importance of blogging for modern business, and here are just a few statistics to support this claim:

More than half of marketers say blogging is a top priority for content marketing.
More than 80% of marketers who write blogs receive a positive return on investment (ROI) from their inbound marketing activities. According to Payscale, an average blogger makes almost $ 50,000 a year.

This is obviously a lucrative business, so you can start thinking about starting your own blog. But you must not believe that it is easy to enter the door with so many competitors. On the contrary, you should strategically and carefully choose a niche that can really bring you long-term profit.

TOURISM & Travelling

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the world with a global economic contribution of more than $ 7.6 trillion. Millions of people travel every day and they all want to know more about their destinations. You can write about:

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Places to see
  • Transport
  • Tickets
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Night life
  • Resident Abroad

Dan Flying Solo is one of those blogs that has turned travel passion into a constant source of income. Dan reinforces his posts with amazing photos and videos, which makes the blog even more fun.

Lily’s travel plans focus more on people’s emotions and stories. The author’s approach is a bit of an alternative because she wants to “show you that travel is much wider than just looking at things.”

Food & Diets Niche:-

I don’t even need to tell how important the food industry is for everyone. After all, we should all eat every day! This is a niche that gives you many options. Depending on your skills and interests, you can write about delicious food, fast food, homemade food, and many other topics.

It shows you the masterpieces of international cuisine along with recipes, culinary trends, as well as industry news and events.

Some Best Niches To Start Blogging In 2020 For Beginners
Some Best Niches To Start Blogging In 2020 For Beginners.

However, you can find blogs with suggestions for everyday cooking, such as “Good Things” by Bizi Lizzy. It covers a wide range of topics, and the best part is that you can use most of these recipes to cook in your own kitchen.

HEALTH & Fitness Niche:-

With all this technology addiction and a focus on IT gadgets, people are becoming more inert and physically inactive. This caused a strong reaction, so now you have many bloggers who write about health and related topics, such as fitness, diet, and so on.

This niche does not require too much experience, as you can quickly study and study it. But even if you sometimes lack appropriate items, you can always consult with professional task authors to help you.

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