Stop worrying about the radiation of your mobile, WiFi or antennas: it is not dangerous for your health

The radiation emitted by mobiles is an issue that has generated an eternal debate. Is it harmful to health? Let’s take a look at the myths about mobile radiation and what is really behind them.

Mobile phones, like most electronic devices, emit electromagnetic radiation. This is a fact. However, although the term “radiation” has negative connotations, it does not mean that smartphones are bad for your health.

In case you did not know, there are many types of radiation, and most of them do not affect us. People, like all living things, also emit electromagnetic radiation. A banana is radioactive because it has potassium, which contains the radioactive isotope K-40. But in such small quantities, it is not harmful. It’s time to be clear about the myths about cell phone radiation, so they don’t manipulate us.

Many electronic devices, from microwaves to televisions, and also mobile phones, emit electromagnetic radiation caused by the interaction between electric fields and magnetic fields. There are many types of electromagnetic radiation, most of them generated naturally. In Nature, for example, storms generate electric fields that interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. This electromagnetic radiation is used by birds to orient themselves during migrations.

As we said before, people and all living beings also generate electromagnetic fields, which can be up to 3,000 times more powerful than the electromagnetic field of a WiFi network. And it is not a problem. Electromagnetic radiation is not harmful in itself, it all depends on its power, and the type. The fields of low intensity do not affect us but those of high intensity, such as an X-ray machine, yes. Having clear these basic concepts, we will analyze some of the most popular myths of mobile radiation, to see if they are true or false.

Around these myths, there have been attempts to capitalize on ignorance and confusion, from routers for pregnant women to anti-radiation underpants. That is why it is important to know the facts and trust science, to avoid being scammed.

Check out the following myths about cell phone radiation, and try to predict which ones are true and which ones are a lie. How many have you been right?

Mobile phones emit radiation, so they are bad for your health

Taking up the thread of the argument that we mentioned in the introduction, we remember that it is true that mobiles emit radiation. But, as we said, it is not radiation harmful to health.

Radiation is the propagation of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or subatomic particles. There are many types of radiation: electromagnetic, thermal, solar, nuclear, cosmic, etc.

The reality is that we are constantly subjected to radiation, the majority coming from Nature. The Sun generates solar radiation, storms generate an electric charge that, when interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field, produces electromagnetic radiation.

Mobile causes cancer

In recent years, one of the questions that has been repeated most among users is whether cell phones cause cancer since it is one of the most controversial mobile myths.

Proponents of this claim point out that placing a source of electromagnetic radiation so close to the brain can cause brain cancer. But the reality is that the thousands of studies that have been carried out, many of them by associations against cancer, and some with thousands of patients studied for years, have not found any evidence that relates mobiles to brain cancer.

WiFi causes cancer

The same radiation concept generated by the mobile phone also applies to WiFi, since WiFi routers emit the same type of electromagnetic radiation as mobile phones.

The radiation of the WiFi is much lower than that of the mobiles and depends on the distance. As we move away from the source of the radiation, its effect diminishes. While we put the phone in our ears, Wi-Fi is usually used half a meter on the mobile, or several meters if it is the router or the computer.

A mobile that emits more radiation is worse than another that emits less

We have already seen that the radiation of a mobile phone is not harmful to people with normal use, according to the WHO. Still, some people feel calmer with a low radiation mobile.

The mobiles emit different radiation according to the brand and model due to aspects such as the place where the antenna is placed, or if it is covered by another component of the mobile.

Examples of ionizing radiation are X-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet rays.

We receive constant ultraviolet radiation through the Sun but the atmosphere protects us, so there is life on Earth. And that is why it is so important to conserve the Earth’s ozone layer.

The human body is prepared to withstand some ionizing radiation from time to time, so we can take X-rays with the X-rays or sunbathe in summer, but with caution. X-rays should be made spaced in time and the Sun must be taken with protective cream and for a limited time.


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