This Logitech keyboard and mouse cost more than 200 euros, but they are a good investment to work comfortably

We tested the new launch of Logitech: a wireless keyboard with backlight accompanied by a wireless mouse that boasts an ergonomic design and a scroll so smooth that you will rarely realize that you are moving the position of the screen. Also, it works on glass surfaces. The keyboard is called MX Keys, and the mouse is the MX Master 3.

Let’s be honest: if you use the PC only to surf the internet for a while, download – legally, of course – some movie or do some paperwork, you don’t need a keyboard or mouse that cost much more than 20 euros: for that price, you buy a pack of keyboard + mouse the sea of ​​solved. But if you spend more than eight hours a day sitting in front of a screen, then things change a lot.

When in your work you spend so many hours on the computer, the keyboard and the mouse are the only two objects – in addition to the chair and the desk – with which you will be in permanent contact during your workday. But in addition to that, they are the two objects with which you will interact most throughout the day: that is why you need them to be light, firm, agile and, above all, that do not give problems. Of any kind.

Logitech has presented the renovation of its highest range of keyboard and mouse: it is Logitech MX Master 3 and MX Keys, a wireless mouse and keyboard that comes with a matching design offering high-end features and a price that places them in a strip very focused on the professional sector: 115 euros each.

Keys MX keyboard: more than portable, it is portable

Let’s start talking about the keyboard. Logitech is a brand that has been manufacturing PC keyboards for years, so something knows about the matter of making good keyboards: with the MX Keys, it offers a wireless keyboard compatible with all operating systems on the market – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome–, autonomy of up to ten days with active backlight ( up to five months without backlight), numeric keypad and charging via a USB Type-C port.

In the greatest virtue of its design is also its biggest flaw

The design of this keyboard converts its greatest virtue – a large size that allows you to work comfortably -, in turn,  in its greatest defect: in the standard-sized backpack that I use to carry the laptop, this keyboard does not fit, since it is too long. That is why it automatically becomes a fixed keyboard that I will leave on the desk when I travel; So, I wonder: what is the point of making it wireless? For that, I don’t care so much that I have cable if I’m not going to move it from its site.

On the mouse is magic: the MX Master 3 hooks by its scroll

Imagine that you spin with all the force that you can the roulette of your mouse, and it stays spinning at maximum speed after you have removed your finger: with a conventional mouse that is unthinkable, but the MX Master 3 releases an electromagnetic system that provides to the roulette of an almost magical scroll. It is so soft that it hardly shows, and it makes absolutely no noise.

That has a positive side, but also a negative side: the scroll of the mouse is so smooth, that at the beginning it is difficult for you to get used to that with a small movement of the finger you have just traveled hundreds of rows in an Excel document. Between that the sensitivity of the roulette can adjust from the configuration of your operating system, and that it is a question of getting used to it, it is certainly not a problem in itself.

The mouse has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to use in any position: both when you hold it with your whole hand, and when you take it with your hand a little more open than normal to rest your wrist after several hours of use. In other words, it has a design that makes working hours in front of the PC much more bearable.

Logitech says that it can be used on glass, and although this statement is true, it should be noted that during our use on a transparent glass table we have detected that the pointer had a hard time following our movements precisely. For a mouse of this precision, it is better not to skimp on expenses with a comfortable mat.

For the most technical part, the MX Master 3 brings a 4,000 dpi sensor, a weight of 898 grams, a range of up to 70 days and compatibility with PC, Mac and Linux. Both the mouse and the MX 3 series keyboard bring a Bluetooth adapter that connects via USB, in case you need it.

As for the software, if you install the Logitech program you will have access to different preconfigured profiles of quick access for the mouse keys in programs such as Photoshop, Word or Excel, as well as you can create custom gestures and control the transfer of files between Flow Several computers very intuitively.

Price, availability, and conclusions

So what do I do, do I buy or not the MX Master 3? If you ask only for the mouse, then the answer is yes: although it is not a cheap mouse, it is an investment that is more than amortized with the convenience of use at work. If you are very happy with your five euro mouse connected by cable, try once a mouse from the range of this MX Master 3 and you will realize what you are missing.

In the case of the MX Keys keyboard, the recommendation is no longer so easy: its real strong point is the ease of having it connected with up to three different devices simultaneously because otherwise, it does not provide anything that a cabled keyboard cannot offer you of similar characteristics. Therefore, value this aspect before launching for your purchase.

The MX Master 3 and the MX Keys keyboard are now available in Spain for 115 euros each, respectively.


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