What is the best way to pay from mobile in 2020

Electronic payments are increasingly common in any establishment, so mobile payment has also become popular and the number of possibilities is multiplied.
Credit cards have the days counted with the massive arrival of payment systems from the mobile. ¿ What is the best way to pay from mobile in 2020? We show you the best options to use this payment system.

This mobile payment system has become popular thanks to Contactless technologies that allow you to pay without having to enter the credit or debit card in the dataphone. Simply bring the card to the payment device for payment to take place.But do you know what you need to pay for your mobile? What apps do you need to install? We have selected the best forms of payment from the mobile in 2020.

What do I need to pay with the mobile?

It should be noted that when we talk about payments from the mobile we do not refer to the process of payment of purchases you make in online stores from the smartphone, since that is online shopping and use payment platforms that can be used from any device: smartphone, tablet, and computer.

The Contactless credit card payment system uses a passive RFID chip that shares the information it contains when stimulated with a low-intensity electromagnetic field from an authorized payment system. Why not use that same principle using the NFC technology that includes your smartphone?

The technology of contactless credit cards and the NFC (Near Field Communication or near field communication) is the same, although the NFC system integrated into the smartphone is active. That is, the chip integrated into the smartphone generates its electromagnetic field that can respond (or not) to the request for payment of a dataphone.

Therefore, the first thing you need to pay from your mobile in 2020  is a smartphone with NFC. Although it may seem incredible, in the era of folding phones and with 5G networks just around the corner, there are still many smartphones that do not include NFC among their features.

It will also be necessary for the establishment to have a payment system compatible with Contactless technology, something that is becoming more common since banks, the last owners of dataphones, have been in charge of renewing them to facilitate payments from the mobile.

In addition to mobile with the appropriate hardware to carry out the transaction, you will need an app that stores the bank details that are transmitted when making the payment.

These applications are those that contain “a digital copy” of your credit card and are responsible for verifying the accuracy and security of the transaction and, if everything is correct, authorizes the payment of the purchase.
We have selected some of the many applications you can use to pay from your mobile.

Mobile payment applications from manufacturers

The payment from the mobile is not only the responsibility of the banks. Security depends on the smartphone and its operating system, so both Apple and Google have been put to work so that all its users can take advantage of the payment from the mobile.

On the other hand, smartphone manufacturers have not been left out of this trend developing custom payment systems for their devices.
In essence, they all use the same principle, but they are systems specifically adapted to make mobile payments from a certain operating system or smartphone brand.

These types of solutions are very useful when your bank has not developed its mobile payment system, so you can insert your card data into these generic system applications that verify the transaction.

Google Pay

Google Pay (formerly known as Android Pay) is the mobile payment method developed for all Android devices, but it is also compatible with Apple devices, making it one of the systems that offer the most compatibility.
This system has wide support of banks and different types of cards (credit, debit, prepaid, etc.), so it is difficult that you can not use your credit card to pay with this system from your mobile.

Simply install the Google Pay app on the smartphone, sign in with the Google account, and credit card payment details are added. With that simple configuration, you can already pay with your smartphone in any store that has a Contactless payment system through the NFC of your mobile.
Google Pay is not only a fast and secure way to pay from your mobile, but it also allows you to speed up the purchase process in your online payments as it acts as a payment platform, preventing you from having to enter your credit card information in each purchase.
Visit their official website to get more information about Google Pay.

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